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About Us

Great price

We are a production company focused on being efficient and building your sheds quickly so your labor costs are minimal...therefore you get a quality shed  for a really great price!

Quality Sheds

Our sheds are built with high quality materials and include 30, 50 and lifetime warranties, so you as the customer always wins!

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

Every shed is carefully put together with attention to detail and is always thoroughly inspected before it leaves the shop.  And if we miss anything you can rest knowing your shed is under warranty - against any build errors - for 5 whole years!

YOU are the WINNER!!

From the time you place an order - whether it is an Inventory shed (already built & ready to go) - or a custom built order - we at The Barn Guyz have your back!!! We are 100% committed to doing everything within our power to make sure your experience with us is beyond satisfactory and into the "perfect" category - tho we all know life is never perfect!! :)