About Us

The Barn Guyz is a family run business that builds anything from small sheds to large shed (8x8-16x40) that can be used for ANYTHING you can imagine! You dream it, we build it! We operate on honesty, hard work and integrity.

We truly believe in "customer first"! Our build quality is top notch and we have warranties that will keep you happy for years to come. We also have a ton of options - from short/tall walls to windows, to barn style roof/utility style (a-frame to stain/paint) - it truly is almost endless what we can create! We carefully monitor every shed that comes through, and we will fix it if we miss something.

Our senior builder has 10+ years of building experience, starting with building houses. Our next two builders have grown up around building and building projects, plus, they have built sheds every day for the last 3+ years since we started, which would add up to about 1200 sheds a piece.

We offer a lot of terrific warranties! We have a five-year warranty on the whole building, so anything we messes within five years, we will come and fix at NO COST to you! We also have a 30-year warranty on our roof metal and shingles, 50-year warranty on our Smart Panel (paintable siding) and limited lifetime on our treated siding.