We Provide Custom Sheds and Barns in Billings, MT

Don't purchase your barn shed from any other dealer

The Barn Guyz offers three fantastic barn styles to choose from: lofted barn shed, barn shed and utility shed. All buildings are fully customizable from paint colors to flooring and even roofing. Our 8-foot-wide sheds come with a single door whereas our 10- and 16-foot-wide buildings all come with double doors. Put your personal touch on each shed to make it truly unique.

Visit our Gallery page to see examples of our lofted barn shed and utility shed in Billings, MT.

Choose the best color for your barn shed

You have the control to choose the best color for your barn shed. From the roof to the exterior, the color options are truly stunning. Check out some of our unique hues:

  • Brilliant white
  • Burnished slate
  • Rustic red
  • Gallery blue

You'll have a blast customizing your shed in Billings, MT to your tastes.

We offer a variety of siding, flooring and roofing options to fit your needs

Choosing the best siding for your barn shed greatly depends on the size and premium features you're looking for. Check out these siding options to help you narrow down your decision:

  • Our 5/8" textured siding is protected by a four-year water sealer
  • The 3/8" LP Smart Panel resists decay and termite infestation and comes with a 50-year limited warranty
  • For a rustic style, choose our local wood siding that comes with a four-year water sealer

Customize your flooring to truly enhance the appeal of your barn shed. Our untreated plywood flooring comes equipped with a limited lifetime warranty. Those sizing options are 5/8" and 3/4" thick.

Choose the best material for your roof. Consider our durable materials and the colors they come in:

  • Metal roofing, which comes in rustic red, burnished slate, hunter green, charcoal and black.
  • Shingle roofing, which comes in weathered wood, dark brown and black.

Feeling creative? Ask about our special order colors.

Do you need a lofted barn shed in Billings, MT? Call 406-894-0721 today to learn more about your options.